More information about me.
First part of my life I was involved in Automotive racing. Had the privilege to work for Cosworth Engineering on the Indy Car program. Also helped a friend when he started in GTU racing; he’s now become one of the best drivers in his class in the world. My family has been in construction both on my father’s and mother’s side, so I’m comfortable around construction sites. I also have a strong background in commercial environmental remediation, including Electrical Resistance Heating remediation, which only four U.S. companies perform. I’ve been around real estate and construction all my life, so this was was a natural move for me when I wanted more flexible hours to spend more time with my then young family. I love working with all aspects of Real Estate: buyers, sellers, new construction, etc. I’ve done everything from assisting in large condo and townhouse development and the sale of all the units to complete residential builds and remodeling. I also have a strong background in residential and commercial insurance, and held a license for several years, number 0B99194, not active anymore. I’m also a mentor for high school youths, teaching them about racing and helping them develop and design 1:10 scale hydrogen race cars, for state and national competitions. In my spare time, when I have it, I build vintage cars, and help friends build their cars. Currently I’m building a 1972 Bronco for my wonderful daughter. I’ve also been called to help with a few high-profile vintage cars. I can happily say that I’m proud to be part of the Vista Sotheby’s family.