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Working in the Real Estate Industry for two decades now and within that time, transitioning over to represent her clients as their real estate agent is where Jacqueline has found her overall passion. "Our goal in life is to live a life we love and part of that starts in a home that inspires us. My mission is to help everyone I work with achieve that goal. A goal to own their home that allows them to feel their best self." She believes it is both a benefit and an accomplishment to be part of the American Dream and to be a homeowner or investor. Owning property is one of the best ways to invest in you and your family's future. Jacqueline is here to be her client’s expert adviser, their advocate. Striving to help everyone who is ready to make that commitment to own their home or with our ever-changing journeys to help them take the necessary steps to sell. Constantly striving to advance herself in this industry to be of service with the utmost knowledge and education for all aspects of real estate including residential properties, investment properties, second home and new construction, Jacqueline is here to help. If you are ready to make a move forward, please don't hesitate to contact her today to start that journey together!