About Don Dogan

Don started out with a business degree specializing in real estate. Since then he has added to his knowledge by: building homes, managing properties, developing properties and remodeling homes. His education includes real estate classes sponsored by: GRI, CCIM, CPM and CRS programs.  4 years was spent working on the Greater South Bay Multiple Listing service and serving as: Director, Treasurer, President and Vice President.  During his 20+ years in real estate he has been recognized as a top sales agent and has mentored others in his office.

What do your clients love about living in the South Bay?

"The small-town feel of the greater South Bay community. The South Bay and beach cities are small cities within the greater LA area. They are safe, have their own city governments, great schools, and of course having the ocean and beach within walking distance is pretty nice too."

Who is your typical client?

"I have helped lots of first-time buyers get their first home; those are the most rewarding. But it is also very satisfying when I help someone who is looking for their next home and help them find the right one. Investors are different; most they are looking for the right investment for themselves, and the investment that is right for them can come in a lot of different ways."

In what ways do you provide top-notch service to your clients?

"I listen to what they want and with my local real estate networking, financing and contractor connections, I am able to help them achieve goals they would not otherwise be able to achieve."

What keeps you interested in real estate?

"New challenges and solving them every day. Real estate may seem routine, but every transaction comes with its own set of situations that must be resolved, and the satisfaction of resolving the challenges."

Tell us about your team.

"I have lenders for every situation, inspectors for every aspect of a home and contractors that can fix anything."

Don and his wife, Susan have been married for 25 years and reside in Hermosa Beach along with their dog.  They enjoy sailing, sailboat racing, travel and spending time with friends, and family, including their children and grandchildren.  They support Cedars Sinai Hospital and the Wellness Community.

Town Coverage: Manhattan Beach, California - Harbor City, California - Hawthorne, California - Hermosa Beach, California - Redondo Beach, California - Torrance, California