More information about me.
Having lived in the South Bay for over 20 years, my local market knowledge helps both sellers and buyers determine the ideal price for their home given the current demand and market conditions. Whether buyer or seller, I am committed to helping you reach all your real estate goals. Prior to entering real estate, nearly two decades ago, I had the privilege of working with special needs students within Los Angeles Unified School District as a “Resource Specialist Teacher”. Here, I learned the value of communication and versatility, and, just as no student is alike, no buyer, seller, and most definitely, no home sale is the same. Therefore, each sale or purchase is tailored to best meet my client’s individual wants and needs. It starts with the listening, “the hearing”, of the clients as they describe their dream home; this is where I differentiate myself. It is imperative that the needs of my clients are always placed first. Secondly, as a former teacher, I know the value of continuing education and therefore never stop the learning process. Being prepared is simply too crucial to the client’s interests. Buying or selling a home will likely be the largest, most important transaction that you will make in your lifetime.