Meet Holly Socrates, a local businesswoman, renowned artist and interior designer who is proud to bring her years of professional expertise to the real estate industry.  As a Realtor, Holly incorporates her knowledge of the local community as well as her unparalleled attention to detail to every client transaction.  Holly has spent decades getting to know and working with community leaders, local schools and multiple charitable organizations and as such is well-versed in all aspects of the community.  She is credited with creating the El Segundo Art walk, which impacted the local economy with a remarkable 500% boost in sales for small businesses.  Holly utilizes her extensive knowledge of the area’s neighborhoods, schools and business districts to help her clients find the ideal property.  She is passionate about the real estate industry and brings a unique perspective to her clients, combining her design background with her finely honed business acumen, utilizing her entrepreneurial skills to negotiate on her clients’ behalf.  Holly is detail-oriented and proactive, ensuring that every client is guided through the process of buying and selling property with industry savvy, proficiency, and care.  Clients who are new to the area will be especially pleased to have Holly in their corner as they navigate their new neighborhood with her leading the way.  If you are searching for the most talented, well-rounded agent for your real estate needs, you’ve found her in Holly Socrates.