About Mori Biener

His wife's career as a real estate agent is partly what drew Mori Biener to real estate as a career in 2001-and it's the reason he can live, eat and breathe real estate 24/7. After growing up in New York and graduating from Boston University, Mori worked for 15 years in the Los Angeles film industry. After his two children were born, he worked as a public insurance adjuster for eight years-a profession that made him intimately familiar with the workings of a house. He and his wife developed several houses in this community and built their own house in East Manhattan Beach. It was a natural next-step for Mori to make the switch to becoming a real estate agent himself. In his free time, he enjoys staying in shape, reading fiction, watching movies and plays, and participating in charitable activities through his synagogue.

What would you like potential clients to know about you?
"My clients know that I'll be on top of it for them at all times, whether I'm networking with other agents, drivi ng around searching for the right property or surfing the net night and day. When marketing a house for sale, I will leave no stone unturned in promoting the house, online and offline. In managing an escrow, my clients know not to worry because I'll be handling all of the problems, and they can sleep well at night."

In what ways do you provide top-notch service to your clients?
"I have a strong passion for nearly every part of the business. I can maneuver with expertise through every aspect of buying or selling a house."

What's most rewarding about your work?
"The most rewarding aspect of this job, by far, is finding the right house for a family and knowing that they will likely spend many years in that house. I take that responsibility very seriously because I know the right house can lead to a better life for my clients, and that's important to me."

What keeps you interested in real estate?
"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else or do anything else because I truly enjoy the relationships I have cultivated with my clients and other Realtors. It's probably a cliché by now, but what I enjoy most is the interaction with the client. This is a very personal business, and in the course of a transaction you get to know a lot about your clients, and they get to know you."

Town Coverage: Redondo Beach, California