More information about me.
Dedication, honesty, and commitment to excellence have been the foundation for Semon Min’s life. Since immigrating to the United States as a child, her parents modeled the essence of unending, care-filled love and encouragement. Because of their leadership, Semon has been caring for her clients for her entire career, here in her beloved Southern California. Growing a career inspired by making people feel cared for started with being part of an innovative team that aimed to improve skincare products at the Neutrogena Corporation as a chemist. As a chiropractor, she used her healing hands to relieve pain for her patients and share her knowledge with her students. Semon then moved into real estate on the financial side of the transaction, intricately executing home loans. Fascinated by and longing for more direct interaction, she became a Realtor, a roll she enjoys very much. Providing guidance to families looking to make new memories with a new home here in the towns she loves is rewarding on multiple levels. Feeling blessed to grow up in the South Bay, she values and enjoys the beautiful beaches and the fantastic weather by walking or biking on the beach and hiking in Palos Verdes as often as possible with her family From healthcare to real estate, no matter what, Semon aims to always take the best care of the people she comes across. She is a life long learner, eager to share it with those around her.